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Dental Surgery Jacqueline Leblanc

A good health begins with a healthy mouth

Oral pathologies can be aggravating factors in important chronic diseases, like cardiovascular, renal, respiratory and joint diseases, or diabetes.

A good oral-dental hygiene limits these risks.


Because it's reassuring to be understood in your own language

We can assist you and advise you in
so that you feel more comfortable when visiting our dental surgery.

A choice of solutions

In our dental surgery, we offer you appropriate responses to your requests, and a personalized attention.

Our purpose is a good health and a nice aesthetic appearance.

Our team is composed by highly qualified dentists and dental hygienists.

Meet our team

Professionals dedicated to the care of your mouth.

Dr Jacqueline Leblanc

Dental surgeon

Dr Marina Murillo

Doctor and dentist

Montserrat López

Assistant and hygienist

Isabel Sevillano

Assistant and hygienist

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